CANNAssets Corp. (CA) is a consultancy  and incubator  participating in the global cannabis industry to capitalize on existing strategic relationships and build upon a diversified portfolio. CA has developed a tight network of over 30 leading industry experts, adding up to over 150 years of cannabis business, medical, and science experience.    


We are focused on connecting people and entities which have specific needs, with strategic resource and  technology partners.  

  • CA vets deal flow of best opportunities provided by a wide spectrum of cannabis industry leaders and insiders from across the globe   
  • The scope of projects range in all segments of the vertical market and include those looking for funding, technology, and other resources   
  • CA has access to private investors and investment groups who seek projects of various sizes and stages of development/operations    
  • For those looking to go public, CA has access to a clean and clear path onto the NASDAQ OTC and to existing shell corporations listed on the CSE. 


We are currently engaged with multiple partners, located on the ground and rooted in strategically targeted markets around the globe.

Key opportunities include:  

  • Acquiring Ancillary Intellectual Property Assets (patents, trademarks, technologies, software, etc.)   
  • Biotech & Pharmaceutical Ventures
  • Building Niche Targeted Investment Funds   
  • Other Potential Spinoff and Branding Opportunities    

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CANNAssets Corp.

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