About us

IPcanna is an established R&D accelerator which is attracting and helping to advance breakthrough science and technologies from around the world. 

A "full-spectrum" IP-generation turbine, IPcanna's purpose is to help accelerate medical-cannabis, recreational-cannabis and industrial hemp related invention & innovation by bridging the gaps between Investment, Invention and Monetization.

IPcanna provides a platform for the world's leading inventors, doctors and scientific researchers to learn, communicate and collaborate.

IPcanna experts provide tailored guidance and support via 3 Levels of service:


1. Advisory & Networking – aiding projects in various stages of development to reach the next tier of success and facilitating meaningful global  joint ventures and strategic partnerships to increase stakeholder value

2. Advisory, Networking & Financing – development support plus support raising capital  and acquiring other needed resources

3. Full Partnership Support – implementing a full development and launch strategy with potential public stock listing

Whether entering the turbine in early- or late-stage development, IPcanna can facilitate the entire IP-generation process from ideation to monetization, including: Hypothesis; Proposal; Funding; R&D; Go-To-Market Strategy; Launch; and long-term IP Management. 

Monetization strategies may range from IP licensing to product manufacturing and distribution for wholesale and/or direct consumer markets. 

As part of the Dvija Phytoceutical family, IPcanna will share all of the expertise within the global Dvija network, including leading medical-scientific advisory, access to research and clinical trials around the world, proprietary medical strains, genetics & technologies, and an established global trading network. 



 The CannAdvisors team offers a full-spectrum of professionals to facilitate Intellectual Property development, registration and long-term management, providing industry specific technical, regulatory and legal expertise.

Specialists include award winning financial analysts, brokers, accountants, lawyers and seasoned entrepreneurs from within and outside of cannabis sector.


Our Mandate

IPcanna's mandate is to strategically align our clients and partner companies to cultivate an ecosystem and stimulate growth across the spectrum.

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